Setting up a blog

Things have changed since  I wrote my last blog so it took me a while to negotiate my way around the wordpress site and set this blog up. I seem to have it sorted so off we go…..

On Tuesday 13th, we will leave home for 20 weeks away. It’s going to take us 6 weeks to drive through NSW, outback QLD, NT and arrive in Darwin. It’s been about 5 years since we last travelled this way and caught up with friends.

From Darwin, we are flying to Singapore for three nights,  on to Accra in Ghana for 12 nights, London for 5 and Breda in the Netherlands for 3. Then we are off to Eastern Europe but more of that later on.

A nephew once said (somewhat scathingly) that my blogs seemed like a never ending postcard and you know what? That’s exactly what they are. Travel with us if you want, leave if you don’t.